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Staying Healthy with Gaming

Posted on March 25, 2017  in Gaming

Most gamers consider exercising a distraction from what they really want to do, gaming. It’s hard to be motivated to put down the controller and start moving. Because of this, I have written down for ways you can stay fit while you game.

  1. Choose an active game. Most game consoles now offer games that are active, whether you are following dance steps, playing a virtual guitar, singing karaoke, or use in an imaginary racket to play tennis. If you want to add some exercising to your games, choose a game that makes you get up and move.
  2. Use weights. If you had some wrist weights the next time you game, you will increase your calories burned and help build muscle. Of course, you’re not gonna become a bodybuilder like this, but you will notice a difference in yourself.
  3. Play standing up. Alternate sitting down and standing up as you play. You beat a level, stand up to play the next one. This will help you to work different muscles and stretch out your back. It’s also wonderful way to get your butt out of your chair.
  4. Stop snacking. One of the easiest ways to shed a few pounds while gaming is to banned snacks from the game area. For bid yourself to eat any candy, chips, and sodas while you game and you will see a big change. Sure, this is an easy or fun way to help lighten your load, but it’s a helpful one. If you find you just have to snack, replace the junk food with water and plain popcorn. This will help you have more energy and feel better.
  5. Take a stretch. While your game is loading or you have a level break, spend a little time stretching or exercising. If you win a race, take a few minutes to stand up and move your arms and legs around. Get the blood moving by shaking your body, and it will make you feel better. Rotate your neck and stretch out your arms as they can both get cramped and sore after gaming a long time.

Using these tips will not turn you into a fitness nut or take your body from flab to fab in a month’s time, but they will help you add some activities and get your blood pumping as you game. Give them a try and see what you think.