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What to Look for in a Gaming Notebook

Posted on March 19, 2017  in Gaming

Buying a notebook for gaming is a lot different than buying one for general purposes. There are some particular things you will need to look for to make sure you get one that meets your needs for gaming. These laptops can be pricey, though, so are typically not purchased by those who are budget conscious.

When you’re looking to buy a gaming notebook, one of the most obvious considerations is the quality of the laptops video card. Your typical notebooks use a video card with minimal graphics, so they do not work well for most of your modern games. You will want a laptop with a video card that has at least 128 MB of RAM and has a great processing speed. When it comes to gaming notebook, the video card is the heart of the machine, so it is very important to find one with a good video card.

The amount of RAM the notebook as another consideration. If you are simply using a word processing program or surfing the Internet, 256 MB would be enough. Since you’re wanting to game, though, you will want a minimum of 1 GB of RAM. The more modern games use around 1 GB, but some of them will need even more. To play the more modern games, it is essential to have a lot of RAM.

Another thing to consider is the battery power. A lot of power is needed to run your laptop, especially when you have a lot of RAM and a good video card. When you purchase a high quality battery, finding a PowerPoint everywhere you go is no longer a necessity. Of course, you can always find a laptop that will accommodate a second battery. Since gaming takes a lot of power compared to other tasks you will be doing on your laptop, battery power is something you do not want to overlook.

It can be simple to find a great gaming laptop as long as you follow the tips above. Many manufacturers build in configurations for gaming. If you can find a laptop Artie built for gaming, you will save more money than if you had one custom-built.